What is a Premium Domain?

Premium domain names are short and intuitive words that are more likely to be a successful domain. Premium domains are already owned by someone and are up for sale. Flixdomains let you buy premium domains that are available for purchase.

Why should I buy Premium Domains?

Premium domain names are marketing-friendly. Since premium domains are often shorter and contain keywords, they’re easier to remember than a subpar domain name that’s riddled with hyphens and numbers. When it comes to first impressions, premium domain names give you credibility and authority over the competition. Premium domain names are more likely to get you direct, type-in traffic on your website.

How long does a domain purchase process take?

A domain transfer’s duration depends on a variety of factors like the responsiveness of the seller and buyer, the domain’s current registrar, the extension, and security. Because of these factors, it is impossible to determine a set timeframe for all transfers, but it’s safe to assume that a standard domain name transfer takes 1-2 weeks to finalize.

Does it cost anything to sell my domain through Flixdomains?

Signing up for Flixdomain’s seller-side brokerage service is completely free of charge. If your application is approved, you will be hiring one of our professional brokers to market your domains, contact potential buyers and end-users, and negotiate on your behalf.

If your domains are sold through this service, you will be assessed a 10% commission fee that will be deducted from the agreed sales process. If your domains do not sell, you will not be charged.

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